Waiting for his photograph

This photograph was taken during the trichur pooram which was conducted on may 1st 2012. Having taken a series of photographs in the morning , i along with my friend Amal Paulson was resting in the shades of a tree above the subway (those who have been to trichur will understand it better) .. This little guy came towards me and requested for a photo in his own slang " can u take a photo of mine " .. (even though i like tamil,i barely know it ..i guessed it from his gestures )..

As my cam was in burst mode 2 shots were taken accidentally.Hearing the shutter sound twice he was extremely happy and exclaimed " wah ! 2ndu photo " ..i showed him the pic..he was much more happier and said " Superrr" and requested me to show the pic to his parents...i walked down from the roof of the subway and across the nearby park .There were his parents earning their bread doing odd-jobs. Seeing the pic their face bloomed and out of happiness they asked asked me for a print of the same... I told them that i cant help with the print as shops are closed today. They said its okay and thanked me for the photo taken with an expensive camera.. And i went back to the subway..and this boy disappeared into the crowds.

Later on their i stood ,filled with guilt of not finding a way to give them a print..may be they dont have an address or may be they do , i never inquired.. from these i understood one thing.. " there are lot of people waiting to be photographed" and from his eyes wat i can guess ,he has a sorrow but happy childhood in his own world.....


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