To say about me : I was born on Hiroshima day 1992 sharing my birthday with Lucille Ball and Robin Van Persie. ;) . Kerala, India is my native place and i  reside in a small town of Irinjalakuda - A place which i believe is engulfed with pristine form of culture and art forms.

To say on how i developed photography as my passion would have the time rewind itself. The person whom i found first using the camera was my dad. He had a Pentax ME series film camera with him which he inherited from his dad , my grandfather. It was a fancy cam , even though i never understood what these words were : SMC PENTAX-A 1:1.4 50mm nor did i know what these controls mean: L , M , AUTO , 125X , B. All i knew under supervision from my dad was just to rotate the film advancement lever , look through the viewfinder and press the shutter button. I would just take a photo and ran away. Never did i gave any interest in taking photographs or knowing more on the camera mechanics.

My dad used to take photographs and print them down. Also later i came to know from my aunt that the same syndrome was evident with my grandfather . My aunt said " he would take lots of photographs and print them down wasting lot of money". Thanks to my photographic journey , I would correct her saying that it was never a  waste of money , but rather the price spent for capturing the moments and treasuring them.He had a combo of 50mm 1.4 , 28mm 2.8 , 75-150mm 4.5-5.6 with skylight fiters and external flash plus other accessories.Not so cheap  in 70's and 80's i should say.

And now, i do like the time to fast forward to the time i joined for my engineering. All i had was a Sony cybershot.It was somewhat cool with M , Tv , Av controls and a  boasting 4.1 mp .The camera had its own uniqueness different from other point and shoots. Also , Nokia x2-00 also helped with my mobile photography. It was also a time i joined facebook and flickr which gave me the opportunity to socialize with  photographer communities and participate in discussions. As time passed , i thought of upgrading the camera as i had utilized the maximum of sony cybershot.

I was gifted a Canon 550d by my parents.Thanks to cybershot, i was already  familiar with  the buttons like M , Av, Tv.Its been 2-3 years on my adventures with photography.I am also happy to meet many helpful and inspiring photographers out there via various social websites.

I love to explore photography as a whole rather than limiting myself to a particular genre. But these days  i am attracted towards street , culture , documentary and fashion.

These are my present gears :

Canon 550d .
canon ef 18-55mm.
Pentax 50mm 1.4 ( the old war horse ) (presently using a pk-eos adapter  to use the pentax lens on my canon eos body ).
Pentax 28mm 2.8.

Myself and Thomas volunteering for RON

Apart from photography , i love playing cricket , reading , traveling , bike riding , royal enfield, classical music and i am also a volunteer of youth based NGO RON - Rythm of Nation

If you have any queries on my work kindly do contact me , glad to help. :) And facebook people sending me friend request kindly do give me a message on facebook. I dont need a complete stranger infact in my friend list :D I hope i can entertain and engage in meaningful conversations with you through this blog. 


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